Generating and Exporting Reports

Does anyone have a good solution for generating and exporting reports.

I’ve created an accounting and project management app that our business uses internally. We’ve been successfully using the app for about two years now and we have quite a bit of data in our system. We’re at the point that we need to be able to generate and export reports of various things such as Sales by client, Sales by product, Sales by product category, etc… I’ve tried several different methods to generate the reports and export them, but none of them work well on large amounts of data. For instance if I run a report on a timeframe range of a week, I can usually generate and export the report just fine. However if I change that to a timeframe of a year range it sometimes takes hours to generate and most of the time, it times-out or errors before it finishes. I will admit the database structure for the app probably could have been setup better at the start (some reports require the filter function) so that it easier to run reports, but at this point Im pretty much locked in.

Ive tried populating a repeating group with the function to download the repeating group data to a csv which does not work with a large dataset

I’ve tried using an export and download plugin that works as workflow in the background, but it also does not work with a large dataset.

I know it may be hard to offer advice without a deeper understanding, but does anyone have any insight or feedback on creating reports and then exporting them as a CSV?

Thanks in advance.

Don’t run at the client side rather, run at backend workflows and store into DB and then show at the client Side.

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I know you can’t provides specifics, but I’m struggling how to run it on the backend. Can you provide me a rough guideline/starting point on how to do that.


I recorded one quick video for you- Hope it helps- Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Thank so much for taking the time to provide a video. It was certainly helpful.


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