Google meets / Zoom link when using Send Meeting Request by Email

Hi Guys,

Is there any way to make the send meeting request by email automatically create a Google meets (preferred) or Zoom link when you send the email with the calendar invite? I have seen some paid plugins that may achieve this, but I wanted to ask if this was possible with bubble.

I am developing a booking system app for a marketplace, and I want users to schedule video calls amongst them. I want to be able to send out the invitation of either Zoom or Google meets.

Similar to how Upwork jumps into zoom calls. I have tried doing this using my Zoom account, and it is possible if all the sessions were to be for myself and a client. The problem is that all the appointments get booked into my own Zoom account, and I would not want to host every single meeting. So I thought perhaps the way to do it was through Send Meeting Request.

Can anybody help me understand how this is possible?

I appreciate the help.

Hey Saile,

Have you figured out how to send a calendar invite that can’t be edited by the receiver?
Just sending the “send meeting request by email” allows the user to edit the request, which is a little bit silly.

Thx for your help.


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I’m confident this is not a native solution Bubble allows via Send Meeting Request. Keep asking/looking around but a plugin / API design would likely be needed. It appears Google automatically adds a Google Meet link once a single recipient is added to guest list. I’m in process of testing this out among different plugins I’m considering.

source of auto-add Google meet with guests:

A plug in that may be of interest in a general sense [Plugin Announcement]: Add to calendar button (google, apple...) - no oAUTH required - and ics files for meeting invitations

Let me know if you have found any insights on the Google Meet link question / API etc

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Hi @guy.blueoceans , thank you for mentioning my plugin !([Plugin Announcement]: Add to calendar button (google, apple...) - no oAUTH required - and ics files for meeting invitations)
Indeed I think that it is the best solution to solve this kind of business requirements.

@Saile : I have been working on the exact same type of marketplace, and we have investigated the Zoom solution first, but the issue is that if you want your app to be able to create Zoom meetings in the users’ accounts, then you will have to use OAuth with Zoom. This means that you have to apply for their marketplace (Create an OAuth App)
But Zoom has a very complex acceptance process for apps on their marketplace, and it is almost impossible to get a Bubble app accepted (we have tried for 4 months) because they require access to some security settings which Bubble won’t let you access.

In addition to that, you have to know that Zoom will not generate a calendar invitation (ics file or google invitation). SO you would still have to use a plugin like mine to create the calendar invitation and paste the Zoom meeting link inside it.

So we ended up using my plugin, which lets you create invitations for all types of calendars with a button widget, and ics files which can be attached to emails or opened in the browser.
We let the users create their own video conferencing link, and paste it into the invitation.
This solution is easy to setup and does not require any OAuth process.
Let me know if you need more information on the topic !


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