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Geofencing help

Does Bubble allow geofencing API’s? I want to restrict users from utilizing an app unless they are in a certain range of my business.



I’ve not done this, but you could totally implement that in vanilla Bubble. The built-in Google Maps api support will give you distance between two geo locations, as the bird flies… (so that’s a radius, right?).

Do whatever based on whether the distance is less or more than your proscribed radius. #justanidea

(Good question: I love questions like this that make you go, “Oh shoot, there’s a thing you could do in Bubble without any effort at all.”)


Nice, I searched the plugins for everything BUT google maps for some reason. Thanks for the info

I’m building an app to restrict features based on locations, this solution is an option but would be very costly to implement since I would have about 50-100 different regions. Was hoping an api could achieve this.

Hey @larnelhight ,
We just released a plugin that should allow you to implement this feature easily :slightly_smiling_face: :santa:t3:

@keith @akiempaul