Geofencing or Check In System


Has anyone had luck finding a solution for geofencing or an application that allows users to check in at a specific location? I want to provide an automated way of allow users to do something like this…

Example - A user visits 1 of 10 store locations. I would like to track the number of visits the user takes to a specific location. While I could build a simple checklist or up vote system, I want to take as much effort away from the user. I do not want users to cheap the system by simply selecting an upvote multiple times or saying they went to a location without physically going to the location.

I am also considering a qr code system, in which if a specific location QR code is scanned onsite the app would basically create a plus 1 in an upvote type system.

Any thoughts around this would be awesome!

Thank you in advance to anyone who has some ideas.

Hi portageusa - any luck with figuring out the above?

Hi @justinramdeen - No unfortunately I have not gotten to a solution yet.

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