Checkin/QR code scan questions

Hello All,

New to bubble, and have to say I am really impressed with the tool and vision. We are really lloking forward to building the Crafty App!

As we have done some background research, it seems like many of the tools that we are looking to have in our app are available, but we are looking to see if it is possible to pair some things together. Any insight into the following questions would be great!

  1. We are looking to use both geolocation and QR codes for checkins. Is there a way to make sure that a QR code scans ONLY when you are within a specific distance of a geolocation? (Hoping to have a failsafe that allows for physical checkins as well as scanned checkins.

  2. Can you create leader board totals for assigned points only using Looking to have a running tally of check ins and earned points that totals in the background that can then be redeemed for discounts, but want to know if it can all be done solely within bubble.

  3. Can you utilize native functioning from a phone through the platform, even though there is no native app development currently supported? Thinks like location, camera, (both photo and video), etc.

Really appreciate any feedback!


Yes too all of your questions! the last one however I can only comment as far as to say, yes it will use your GPS, yes it will use your camera and yes it will open a dialog to files and folders for uploads/download. I have built more or less all of your parameters in an app previously.

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Thanks for the response!

As you have built all of the components, from personal experience, how troublesome was it, if at all? I understand that all projects are different and there is no concrete timetable, but looking to get insight as to ease of use for beginners trying to get an MVP out of the door.

honestly it was not troublesome at all, you will find yourself blasting off down these little channels that are all heading toward a goal. You will not come out the other side of this build without either an amazing new hook to your product/service or 3 other app on the go in the background. The other huge dynamic here is even if every project was the same the method that you will take to achieve your results along the way have hundreds if not thousands of other ways of getting to the same place - and most of them, will work as well as each other. The community here is second to none, the founders are frequent users of the forums, and the growing list of services (plugins) is even now building to be something even bigger again. for instance just today I built this plugin with the bubble plugin builder:

& This one aswell -

Enjoy it! if you have any questions feel free to get in touch :slight_smile:

Hi @craftydevelopment - Did you ever implement this idea?