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Geographic address lists - removing an item unavailable

So I am having trouble removing an item from a custom state list, the list is full of geographic addresses.

The custom state is setup like this:

I have an input with button that writes to the custom state with an address, like this:

And the workflow for this:

This simply +plus item to the custom state address list.

The repeating group set to display the list of addresses works ok setup like this:

any subgroup you see in the tree elements is setup like this

and the field like this:


Now this works from and adding to the custom state with repeating group of geographical addresses, however I can -minus from this repeating group - there is no option?

is there something I am missing here?

If I change the custom state to text, and the type of content on the repeating group to text I get the options to plus, minus as per normal … just not with geographic addresses?

any idea?

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