Possible Bug - Custom States with Geographic Address

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it’s intended behaviour (although I can’t think why it would be), so I thought I’d ask here first before submitting a bug report, to see if anyone has had this issue, or knows why, if it’s not a bug, it’s not possible…

I’m trying to add and remove geographic addresses to a custom state which is a list of geographic addresses.

Usually it’s a simple process to add and remove items to list states - simply set the value to the state’s current value :plus item or :minus item. (see below)


This works for every type of custom state except Geographic Addresses. For some reason when using ‘Geographic Address’ as a custom state type, the :minus item operator is not available.


So I can add new addresses to the custom state list, but not remove them.

Perhaps I’m missing something and there’s an obvious reason why removing addresses from a custom state list is not possible, but I can’t see why :plus item should be an option but not :minus item.

I’ve tested this on 2 apps and the same behaviour is occurring on both.

Has any one seen this issue, or know why if/how it’s possible?

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