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Geographic Address sorting (by distance)

Is there a limit to the number of items with geographical addresses that you can put in a group (do a search for …) and sort those items by distance?

I have a repeating group of a certain item type (438 total) with a geographic address as one of the fields. In that repeating group, I sort the items by distance from the current geographic postion. When I run the app, the data populates right away.

I have a repeating group of another item type (858 total) with a geographic address as one of the fields, but when I run the app, I get spinning circle that never ends when I run the app.

Note: When I remove the sort by distance of the item type with 858 total, the repeating group populates rather quickly with no problem.

Being able to sort by distance is rather crucial to the functionality of my app so any resolution anyone can offer me would be greatly appreciated.

You should check debugger, it may solve the issue.
Or else check if both the workflows are exactly the same

There are no workflows to deal with. It’s repeating groups with a data source of an item with a geographic location field that I’m trying to sort by.