Geographic Places Searchbox suggestions don't work properly after inputting my own API key for Google Maps in Settings

When I’m on Bubble’s Google Maps API the Geographic Places Searchbox shows “Whole Foods near Omaha NE” as an option if I type in “Whole Foods Omaha NE” but when I input my own Google Maps API key, this feature no longer works. Without the city input it shows some suggestions for Whole Foods, but none nearby. When the city is included it shows no suggestions at all.

All the API options (geocoding, geolocation, places, maps, etc.) are enabled in my Google Maps API console, so I don’t know why these search results are not showing up.

How do I make it work like it does on Bubble’s Google Maps API?

Same search box with…
My API keys

VS Bubble’s API keys

Was just told by Bubble bug reports that this feature is not intended to work on paid plans with custom domains and will only work on rate-limited free plans, which means that apps utilizing this feature can never be scaled or use custom domains.

I’m pretty disappointed. I thought bubble apps could be scaled. @emmanuel is this true?

Also, if Bubble has successfully hooked up their own Google maps API to function with this feature, why not share the information on how to do that with users?


Bubble apps can scale, what you’re hitting here is not about scaling, it’s about using your own key with Google to use their API with your domain. Bubble offers some amount of requests to Google’s API part of our service, but if you need to have larger volumes, you should create a key with Google and enter it. And then there is no limit.

Thanks for your reply. The feature does not work when I enter my Google Maps API Key. I would like the feature to work using my own API because it will affect scaling if I cannot get the feature to work using my own custom Google Maps API Key.

If you’re seeing some Google errors in the console I would recommend checking your settings with Google, it’s on their end, you need to authorize your domain.

My Google Maps API console is processing requests, so the domain is authorized, it just doesn’t return these local results (ie when the city is included in the searchbox).

I will call Google’s support line and see if they can help me set it up.
Thanks for your response.

I am having the same issue. I will be following this thread to see the fix.

I know this is not the solution we were anticipating, but someone could build their own search box using the HTML in this example:

I put it in an html element and added my Google Maps API to the end of the code where it says “YOUR_API_KEY” and it returns all the results I want.

However I have no idea how to get the search input from this HTML into the my application’s workflows. Does anyone know how to do this?

Can someone who has this working please tell me how to set up the Google Geocoding API?

Waiting on google’s e-mail support…

Here are a bunch of screenshots from the google console in case someone else can see what’s not set up right:


And then I put my Google Maps/Geocoding API code into Bubble app settings here:

Has anyone figured out why this is happening? I’ve tried many ways to get this working, but I am not getting any results.


I built a custom Google Places autocomplete search box using a Coaching Bubble tutorial and it’s much more functional for my app–local results, plus the ability to record all the place information rather than just the geographic address simplifies calls to the Google Places API.

Negatives: works slower than Bubble’s geographic places search box. Hopefully a boost will speed things up.

@emmanuel @josh --Would the team at Bubble consider making the ready-made geographic places search box customizable to show places near the current geographic location? It would be a valuable improvement to the current feature and also resolve this issue.

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