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Standard search Geographical places not working

I’m working on a website where I’m to get location suggestions based on the text user type in the search box. I’m using a standard search box with type as “Geographical places”. I don’t know why but I’m not getting any location suggestions at all. Please help!


I good start point would be to review the google API keys configuration:

I have the same functionality in another page of the same website. It’s working fine there…

Then, just in case, please, confirm this in the google side:

Then under the “Website restrictions” section, add your Bubble app’s URL, for instance like*. This restriction means that only your Bubble app can use the Client key. The “*” is a “wildcard” which means that any URL starting with “” will be accepted.

Hi @maheshkasindi ,
Kindly check is there any js errors are showing on this page (run mode) from your browser’s developer console.
If there is any js errors, this will stop work.