Geographic Places vs. Geo adddress

I’m using a Searchbox element with Geographic Places as the “Choices Style.” If I type something like “Empire State Building”, it correctly finds it. In my workflow I save this “Place” and when I check by database, it’s saved as an address. Now if next time someone types up the same text “Empire State Building” in the searchbox my App is supposed to search for the address in the database and notify the user that the address already exists in the database. The issue is that my workflow never finds the address since it’s saved as an exact street address and not as “Empire State Building”. Is there a way to ensure regardless of what the user types, the comparison is always done on the exact address?


Perhaps if you are already creating an item in the dB and storing its address, you can consider storing the name of the searchbox value used to find that place in a field that you can add to your place dB object

Thanks. So currently the field is of type geo address where this is stored as a street address. Are you suggesting I create a separate field where I’d store the Place (Empire state building)? Not sure how I do that though since bubble automatically saves it as a street address.

Ok I figured it out. If the destination data field type is text the address is saved as ehatever text string is used in the Searchbox, for example, “Empire state building” but if the data field type is geo address it converts it into street address and then saves it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction !

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