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[New Feature] Place Name Attribute to Search Boxes

Hello everyone!

Happy to announce a small feature update to the SearchBox element when Choices style is set to Geographic places.

When selecting an address from the SearchBox element, you can now reference the address’s place name. This is useful when you are searching for locations with a name (restaurants, businesses, landmarks, etc.) and would like to save the location name to your app. The new operator, ’s place name resolves to text and is only available when referencing the SearchBox element directly.

You can watch a short demo of the feature in action here!

Unfortunately, due to how we create and store the Geographic address type in Bubble, place names are not supported. As such, once you save a SearchBox value as a geographic address, the name of the place (if applicable) will not be stored. This is a change we’d like to make in the future, just too big of an undertaking for right now. On the bright side, this feature update now allows you to reference and store the name of the location in its own text field.


This is a big deal. Thank you @clarissa.xu