gestureHandling in Google Map Extended

I am using a map element from Google Map Extended plugin.

I need the map on my mobile device to move with one finger. How can I implement this without copying a plugin?

I couldn’t find any mention of the gestureHandling setting in the plugin code, and there’s no such option in the plugin settings…

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This has been added. Please let me know if you face any issues!

Happy mapping :grin: and appreciate a review when you have time

It doesn’t seem to be working. I updated the plugin to set the value to Greedy, but the map behaves as before

Sure will look into it again

Have you still not had a chance to do before this question?

Yes same problem. gestureHandling does not seem to work on iPhone

It doesn’t work on android either.
The author seems to have abandoned the plugin(((

A year later and still not working :frowning: