Get an image from api


i am trying to get an image API to work,

the return missing the domain how I can display the image correctly,

“files”: [
“url”: “/static/downloads/e9faf4c5be55400086c0b1ff53ac0ee7/upscaled/000000_186194568_kdpmpp2m15_PS7.5_img2img-0.0_[Minimalist][Office][upscaled].jpg”,
“filename”: “000000_186194568_kdpmpp2m15_PS7.5_img2img-0.0_[Minimalist][Office][upscaled].jpg”,
“terms”: null,
“negative_terms”: “”,
“fix_faces”: true,
“dimension”: “portrait”,
“original”: “/static/uploads/e9faf4c5be55400086c0b1ff53ac0ee7/Untitled design (1).png”
“failed”: ,
“queued”: ,
“processing”: ,
“finished”: true,
“queue_count”: 0,
“conversion”: 610248,
“errors”: ,
“status”: null

Seems like the api endpoint is sending you the local path to the image. You can test this by saving the image in your database via :saved to s3. If the image saves, then i’m wrong, if it doesnt, then i’d check the api you’re calling and ensure you’re using the right endpoint or if they even allow returning images.

Airtable is notorious for this. They made a change last year where they no longer wanted to be a cdn for images, so the image urls they return expire pretty quickly.

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