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GET API call from 3rd party to bubble

Greetings @simon7

Job Result Retrieval test by a 3rd party.

Request will be sent by their system to
jedissssssscing is the type of thing in my data base that contains the field sssssjobid

they’re a series of tests to make sure my app is ready for the production environment.

authentication and job submission tests passed, -they were post calls from the 3rd party -they hit a workflow endpoint in my system and now the sssssjobid has 7 digit job id .

now this step Job Result Retrieval is a GET call that has to retrieve this job id from the sssssjobid field in the jedissssssscing data type.


Hi Ramzy

Sorry about the delay, my kid decided to be sick today…
Anyway, as I understand it you want to do a search for a THING, and this thing has an jobid that was created outside Bubble, correct?

That would mean that you need to de a search for with a constraint. The constraints needs to be formatted in a special way (see manual here:

For your example, you could try to format the GET url like this:[{“key”:“jobid”,“constraint_type”:“equals”,“value”:“1234567”}]

Remember the token in the header.

Let me know if it works :slight_smile:


Hi @simon7 Thanks a lot. It did work had to do some variations but worked Great!
I’m sure you’ll here from me again. :smiley:

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Great! Yeah, constraints can be tricky some times :slight_smile: