GET API Request with Json Body

Hello community.

I need to make some API calls in my App. This particular API requires a Json body in the GET request.

Does anyone know how to add Json body to a GET request with bubble’s API connector?

Please help?

You will have to change the body type to be JSON so you can pass your JSON to the body

Can you share API Doc…
In some case, the API is sent as a parameters and not in body.

Thanks @ritzygem13 , but that’s exactly the issue, I’m facing. JSON body is only available for POST requests, not GET requests.

@Jici there’s not much to see on the doc, as you can see here

seems this has been an ongoing bubble gap:

For a GET request, pass the request body in the parameters

Key: StartDate value: string
Key: endDate value: string
Key: clientId value: string

Yeah, I noticed the issue was reported years ago. I was hoping they would’ve had a solution by now :frowning:

thanks @ritzygem13 but It doesn’t work that way. You can’t pass the request body as parameters. The call won’t be successful.

I have the same problem … in Postman works fine! … GET with Body (json) … any new ideas for a solution?
thanks in advance!