Get Bubble APP native and push in Google and Apple Store : need your feedbacks for making choices

Hello the community.

Some of my clients are asking for their apps to be available on stores.

I never did that. So I need your feedbacks :

  • is there some constraint to design the app ? specific to Android or Apple devices ?
  • how did you push it into an sdk file ? I saw some services to do it automaticly, what do they worth ?
  • is the process to be validated complex ? is there some specific rules to respect ?
  • I usually set app notifications whith Signal. Is this a good choice for native app ?
  • do you notice some good post on the forum or blog post or video that explain those previous questions ?
  • is there some additionnal costs ?
  • what about modify the app ? Are changes automatically push in the native app or need to regenerate the sdk ?

Thanks a lot !!!

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