Get data from an AI / BOT

Hi there,

I’m planning to create a bot using a service online for doing it… This bot will create some outputs which I need to have in bubble db.

So for example the bot will ask to the customer which toppings he wants on his pizza, the size of the pizza, the time of delivery and the adress. This values must go in db for being displayed in a web page used for production, another one for delivery man , etc.

Which is the best way to send data from the bot to the db?

Do you have in mind some powerful services to create a bot which perfectly fits with bubble ?

Making a tour on internet i find and Flow XO but I don’t know if they’re fine for my needs and bubble compatible

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Hi @ljf

I am doing this with using JSON requests, its a Block in Chatfuel, to query bubble DB and making the data available to the bot and the Control Panel made with bubble.

I am using also Google Maps to show the routes to the delivery:

And making some dashboards to:

One of the advantages of is exactily the use of JSON API’s request, that you can use to query almost any thing to your needs.

What you are asking is possible to do with bubble and chatfuel, you just have to code everything with API’s request, for what I see.

My bot is on early stage of development, but will make it more robust, implementing the possibility of full control of the bot over bubble for the client.

Well, that´s what I am looking for… I won´t put the link to the bot because its in Brazilian Portuguese.

If you need any help, please ask, ok???

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Hey @ricardocprates this looks awesome

I would like to know a bit more about that because I have a lot of questions. From my side, If I explain it in the simpliest way, I need a bot to collect request and to provide offers but with dynamic data. About API vs. Webhook I will figure it out both solutions in order to see which fits best.

I selected many others chatbot services which all have the JSON request now the choice is based on other features. Do you agree if I take a look to your app to see how the bot is related to bubble. This could get some answers to my questions. Thanks a lot , I really appreciate