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GET request from Postman-Workflow not found Reviews

I searched the forum but was unable to find the solution.

I attempting to do a GET request in Postman API but I am getting the following error:

“statusCode”: 404,
“body”: {
“status”: “NOT_FOUND”,
“message”: “Workflow not found Reviews”

I have unable the the API Public Data has been enable.

Thanks in advance,


It looks like you need to enable workflow api in “settings > API” or that you need to check “expose as public workflow” on the workflow itself.

I think I did that:

what about the second thing?

Genius!!! You are a life saver.

I thought I clicked that. But now I am getting the following error:

“message”: “Workflow not found Reviews”

Ithink you are using a WF api endpoint to try to call a DATA api endpoint. Don’t use the WF url you see in the settings. They are for Backend (API) Workflows, not for DATA api.
DATA api use obj and not wf in the url.