Get text from repeating group of things

I have a repeating group of lesson records from my database, that shows who took the lesson, when they took it and the results. I need to gather all this info into a single text value for an API call - how can I do that?
Specifically I want to format each entry such that it’s enclosed with square brackets [] and the who/when/results are separated with commas, like this:
[“Jessica”, “05.12.23”, “7/10”],
[“Norman”, “05.11.23”, “6/10”],
[“Hasan”, “05.11.23”, “6/10”],
So I imagine every item in the repeating group needs to be processed separately for this.

There might be a way of doing it with the toolbox plugin, but I find it kind of difficult to wrap my head around how its elements work so no luck for me currently. Any ideas?
Also there’s probably a similar topic to this one, but I failed to find any.

No need for any plugins, you just need to use the :format as text operator on your list of Lesson Records.

List of Lesson Records: Format as text

Then, for each item, enter something like the following:

["This Lesson Record's Student's FirstName", "This Lesson Record's Date (formatted as 05.12.23)", "This Lesson Record's Result/10"]

and use , enter as the delimiter (as in, type a comma and press the enter key) - or, if you need to comma at the end of every line (including the last), just include the comma in the text for each item, and just press the enter key as your delimiter.

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