How to format a field's List of items as text

I have a datatype, User Application, with a field that is a list of responses.

I would like to return each list of responses as as formatted/delimited text.

Like this:
UA1: “response1”;“response2”;“response3”
UA2: “responseA”;“responseB”;“responseC”

I thought this would do the trick, but it shows in red:

What am I getting wrong?

P.S. I know I could drop a Text element in my RepeatingGroup and do the “:format as text” there. However, I need this RG to do this summary into text so the RG can be used by a plugin that is limited in what it can accept.

“format as text” will output a single text output. a repeating group looks for a list of texts which is why it is showing in red.

if you want to display "response1”;“response2”;“response3” (which is a single text output), you don’t need a repeating group. you can just use a text element which has the exact expression you have in the current repeating group.

if you need a repeating group with these texts, then you can just do “each items Response_text” rather than format as text.

a bit confused on exactly what you are looking for, but hopefully this helps!

Thanks, @NoCodePete!

I think my data structure explanation was not clear.

Here is the structure of UA:

I would like to return one row for each UA. And in each row of UA, I want to show all of the “Application Responses” together as a single column/cell of text:

UA1 Row: User1, “response1;response2;response3”
UA2 Row: User2, “responseA;responseB;responseC”

NOTE: I want two rows returned here, not six.

NOTE 2: A text element would not work for my case. I am trying to use this RepeatingGroup as an input to a plugin that has limited flexibility.

NOTE 3: What you can do in a text element (with Parent group's User Application's Application Responses:format as text) is exactly what I want the data to look like–I just need it formatted that way when the Data Source is created.

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