Text to list to repeating group - need RG to fill cells correctly

I’m using OpenAI to generate a text-based training schedule. I then parse the text into different variables like day, activity, start time, and end time using regex extraction. My dataset includes the relevant text variables for storage. I need help displaying the results in a repeating group but I’m having trouble.

This is the result of the parse (there are more variables but you get the idea):


I want the first item of each day to correspond to the first item of each activity and to display the variables in a repeating group formatted like this:

(cell 1) Day 1:
Activity 1:
Start time :
End Time:

(cell 2) Day 2:
Activity 2:
Start time:
End Time

But I’m missing something because the text doesn’t behave like a repeating list:

(cell 1) Day 1, 2: Activity 1, Activity 2: Start time, Start time: End time, End time

My attempts to solve it: converted the text into a list, change the data types to include text lists, split by (, ), changed RG to empty data source, changed RG to do a search for Training record.

For reference, here’s what the RG currently looks like.

So how do I get this particular set of variables into a proper list format for the repeating group?

Thank you.

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Hi, I’m actually working on a project that needs the same kind of formatting. I did some searching and found this video which I believe can be very helpful to achieve what we are looking for. I’m going to test it out tomorrow:

How to integrate your Bubble app with OpenAI, using JSON output and functions - YouTube

I hope it helps, and good luck with your project :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I’ve switched to JSON instead of text parsing and it worked.

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Perfect, I’m glad it worked :ok_hand:

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I sent you a message :slight_smile:

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