Get user information using oauth for sso

I want to implement Single Sign On feature for my bubble plugin. For that I found that bubble can serve as sso provider as per below document screenshot 2023-02-13_11-11-21

There are two API url given for “authorize” and “access_token”. But after get an access token, I require user information to do sso and there is not USER access URL given in the document.
Would you please tell me how can I get user API(from where I can get user information like email, username, firstname and etc for SSO)?

@kishanm were you able to manage here?

I think a simple solution is to create an API endpoint in your IDP bubble application that will return the user information you need.

Thanks for your reply.
I want the website owner to do very less changes and configuration to use my plugin. So the solution you shared is not helpful for me.

To get user information there is an API{uid}, but it must require upgrade package to use the API. There is free trial available for 14 days.

@kishanm Yes, you would need to be on a paid plan to implement this properly.