Getting a count for a pie or bar chart

Looking for best approach:
I have a list of projects and tasks. I would like to chart every project with the status of the the tasks (new, in progress, completed).
Any tips are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Use :Grouped By functions.

I’m lost. search this forum (google, youtube) but can’t seem to get it.
I have a repeating group showing the projects, I would like to have a pie chart (to start with) that will show how many tasks grouped by their status.
I’m stuck

I think you should have something like this:

DS: grouped by status:

  • field 1 to group by: status
  • aggregation 1: count

Value expression: Current point’s Status count
Label expression: Current point status by name (whatever you have in DB)

Also watch out for errors - sometimes Bubble shows errors in cell value/label expression but if you click more and then choose nothing the error will disappear.

Also if you are thinking about having ONE chart with all the projects and then subcategories for tasks status - I don’t think that’s possible with the current plugins.

One small tweak to your screenshot and to what bartek said… your Value expression doesn’t need to include status… it only needs count…


Hope this helps.



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