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Getting Additional Packages to Blockspring for Custom Blockspring Functions

Has anyone had any luck getting Blockspring to add additional software packages to enable you to create Blockspring functions?

Their site says they’ll add packages “in minutes” if you email them, but I’ve been asking them to add 2 packages for R for the last 5 months (>10 email requests) and haven’t gotten anywhere.

These are the two packages we need (matchingR and miscTools). Anyone have any idea what I can do to get these loaded on Blockspring?


Screenshot of their "in minutes" promise:

I am very dissapointed with Blockspring support. I sent 2 emails and tried the “chat” feature but never received a response. In the chat window, I sent a message 3 days ago and it still shows “Not seen yet”. I am quickly losing any confidence in Blockspring.

I feel your pain.

That sounds a lot like how my experience started with them 5 months ago. They seemingly have a good product, but customer service is a joke. What makes it worse is that they promise high quality, responsive service all over their website and then completely drop the ball over and over again instead.

hey guys - just email [email protected] and we’ll get you taken care of.


Thanks Paul! I appreciate it.

Just sent you an email.

Thank you Paul, I just sent you an email I appreciate it.