Images not returning into a Repeating Group of Images

Hello, I am trying to get images to show up in a repeating group of Images.

Here is current workflow:

User clicks button, images are made, images then shown in repeating group of images.

Right now, I am successfully getting the links for the images, just need to get the images in the repeatinggroup to actually show the images though.

Here is a screenshot of succesfully retrieving the image values (or their links):

This is set as a state of a list of images.

Here is me setting the state of the image element named “Image Generation” within the repeating group.

And here are the values I have for the repeating group:

and the image inside the repeating group:

Any idea why the images wouldn’t be showing up in the repeating group, even tho it is successfully gathering the links for the images as seen in screenshot above?


An image element can only display a single image (not a list of images which is what you’re currently trying to do)…

You use the RG is hold the list of images (not the image element). Then just display each image individually in an image element.

So your image element ‘Dynamic Image’ should be the Current Cell’s Image.

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thank you friend, this solved my issue.

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