Getting animation under control

Hi Everyone,

So I am trying to make a bit of a nice animation ( using in part the Typwriter plugin).
Purpose: When cost are changed on the site, the amount of cost on a Bill changes. My question to you, how can I get a workflow to execute in a fixed amount of time?

The animation I had in mind:

  • The original amount on the bill get’s a strikethrough
  • it then dissapears,
  • followed by the typewriter effect for the the new amount,
  • the typed amount stays there.

So my initial setup was:

  1. When data in certain custom state changes, textbox 1 with old value dissapears, text with strikethrough (old) amount appears. Value in database changed -> this was the cue for the strikethrough one to dissapear and typewriter with new value to appear. THen with storing data in one of the earlier custom states the 'normal state’arrived in which case the typewriter disssapeared and the first textbox ( now with new value) appeared.

With all the data writing the animation was executed but always to long or to short, pending performance of data writing. So I switched the triggers to showing and hiding a certain fully transparent shape. Now however the workflow goes way to fast, so you can hardly see the animation. The ‘pause’ action doesn’t appear have an effect although it should hold of the visibility of the ‘trigger’ shape.
Any ideas to help me on my way?

Can you help me with my app? I am setting up a company to build customer loyalty.

Other threads asking for help is probably not the best place to be asking for help with your own, unrelated project. If you want to get help with your project, make a post in the “need help” category or find a freelancer using the “freelance” category.

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Thank you for the tip.

Uhm, huh?
No but if you have a solution for my litle issue here I would love to hear it :smile:

So again, the boiled down question: how do you control timing on a workload to get a proper customized animation?