Getting data from input fields in a repeating group

I am making an invoice maker, for the items on the invoice I’m using a repeating group displaying data type : items
I can add and remove items with a button
When I click the button to save the invoice (outside the repeating group) I want to get the data from each items to “make changes to a thing” but I can’t figure out how to access that data from outside the RG.

How do I access that data or is there a better way to make this work?


2 ways

data types

items have a field called “invoice”

when add an item to the invoice, you are creating a new item that references the invoice

so when you save. you can “make changes to a list of things” all items that reference the parent groups invoice.

though i dont know why you need to change the items on an invoice when you save, but thats how you would do it.

there way is to add an item to an item list on the invoice every time you create an item.

so data type invoice has a filed called “items” and make sure you select “make this into a list” when you are creating the field.

then when you save, you make changes to a list of things “parent groups invoice-list of items”

I could figure this one out so I ended up making a popup editor for the items and they save right away to database.

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