Getting Selected/Highlighted Text within the Rich Text Editor

Hey everyone,

we are using Bubbles Rich Text Editor Plugin: Rich Text Editor Plugin | Bubble

The Goal is to get the highlighted selected text of the user within this editor. So basically if a user uses his mouse cursor to select/highlight a text within the editor, we need that value returned.

We tried getting the highlighted text by using the standard javascript function “window.getSelection().toString()” and also using plugins such as: Text Selection Plugin | Bubble

Both did not work, as the number of line breaks returned is incorrect.

For example if I highlight a text within the text input like this:

This is Test A

This is Test B

The plugin returns the text:

This is Test A

This is Test B

which makes it unusable for us to work with. We need the correct number of line breaks

Here is a demo showcasing the functionality:

Can someone help us with this? We are happy to pay for anyone that will built us a custom plugin for this usecase!

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