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Getting stored information


I’m a developer new to Bubble.
I’m used to store any type of information in the database, for example I created an option table containing some options used inside the application. Unfortunately, when I’m logged as a user, I can’t get anything because this information was created in the db by the admin…

I will do differently so it’s ok, but I’m a bit confused as I will really need to store some info and get it back whoever the user is. Let me explain :

I need to store some “predefined answers” in the database, and depending on what the user says, then I will show some answers picked in the database.

From what I understood, I won’t be able to do such thing, as these predefined answer will be created by the admin. So how can I do ? Is there a way to retrieve data created by admin even if it’s another user who is logged in ?

Thanks for your help.

Seems like this is a data privacy issue. What privacy settings do you have on the option/answer tables? I would just remove all privacy roles from them.

Learn no code →

Thanks !
For now I didn’t even created the table. I had created a table to store options and understood that I couldn’t retrieve it so I gave it up.
But then I thought I had to solve this issue because I really do need to store predefined answers.
I wasn’t aware of the privacy issue. Thanks a lot, I will have a look at it.