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When going to live why is the data of one user is retrievable by another user?

I am building an app whereby users login and take notes on educational videos they watch. I have a login and logout implemented. Why is it when I deploy user A can search and retrieve notes/videos made by user B? Any privacy settings am I missing? I thought this would be done automatically. Help appreciated.

Did you constrain search results to the current user and have you set privacy settings in the data tab?

Bubble is just like regular engineering: the software only does things you tell it to. If you don’t tell it to ONLY serve up User A’s things, it won’t.

I did not constrain search to Current User. Do you mean I should do this in the workflow or from the privacy settings? An example would be great.

In your search, add a constraint where “Created By = Current User”. In the privacy tab, create a role for the class (notes/videos/etc), and make it searchable when “This Object’s Creator is Current User”.

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You are the best. I have just tried it and it works. Now I am going deeper into Bubble. It makes sense to do it this way. I love it.

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