Getting the base right, Bubble DB or Firebase?

Hi fellow Bubblers :slight_smile:

I have developed an app which is a multiple listing service (maybe 2 to 3.000 records). Besides the bubble app I am looking to develop a plug-in for WordPress to to make the listings available there. Besides that I would also like to make the data available to other applications which are build on different platforms. I guess this will be done through API.

Is bubbles database and connectivity fast and reliable enough to be used in this scenario or would it be better to use firebase connected to bubble to serve the data?

Any help is much appreciated.

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You could “make it work” either way, but there are awkward areas for both situations.

If the use of data within other systems is a big definite, rather than a wishlist, then a big pain point with having the data in Bubble is the limited retrieval of data.

The Data API limits to 200 rows at a time (but does paging), and more critically, can only query one data type (table) at a time, i.e. no joins.

The API Workflow is unsuitable for general data querying by another system.

On the other hand, if the data is stored externally, you’ll find app development quite a bit more difficult having to use either the Database Connector Plugin (if it works with Firebase) or the API Connector for every piece of data.

I hope my opinions help muddy the waters suitably : )

Forgot to mention, on dedicated server plan there’s an option to read directly from Bubble’s database, according to Emmanuel “it isn’t pretty”.


Thank you so much mishav, this clarifies it for me. The data I need in other systems are related tables so I think I will have to go with the firebase solution. It seems to me to be the easier solution.

Something new to learn :slight_smile:

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