Random code in the Header of my homepage

Can anyone tell me where this code might be coming from? This is the very top of my home page in Preview.

Have you used a plugin or third-party service in your app? This looks like improperly injected Javascript.

Additionally take a look in your app Settings (left most tab) and take a look in the ‘SEO/metatags’ section to see if there is any code under your Advanced Settings there.

Let me know what you find.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

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Thanks for the suggestions
I removed some Javascript under the “SEO” tabs in Bubble settings. I removed it, refreshed… The code is still there, at the top of my home page.
I have gone through through plug-ins. Don’t know what to do, apart from send it to bubble support.

Yes, that’s a good idea
Seems like it’s something else. Bubble Support should be able to help out.

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