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Visibility problem of overlapping groups

Hi, bubblers.
I have a problem: if two groups are overlapping - condition “This element is visible” does not work as it should.

Here is a link to my test application:
I have created two pairs of groups:

  • Overlapping pair: Group Buttons (logged in) and Group Buttons (logged out)
  • Not overlapping pair: Group Buttons (logged in-2) and Group Buttons (logged out-2)

The idea is: when current user is not logged in - show only Group Buttons (logged out) and Group Buttons (logged out-2), when the user is logged in - show only Group Buttons (logged in) and Group Buttons (logged in-2).

Condition “This element is visible” is maintained for every group. It works OK for the pair of not overlapping group. In overlapping pair Group Buttons (logged out) is shown when user is logged out, but when the user is logged in Group Buttons (logged in) is not shown.

Is it a bug or I’ve made something wrong?

Since the Group Buttons (logged in) is INSIDE the Group Buttons (logged out), it does not show if the parent is hidden. You want to move it outside of the parent group. If the parent is hidden, it doesn’t matter if the child is set to show or not.

Thank you for your reply.
I have two questions:

  1. How can I see that Group Buttons (logged in) is inside the Group Buttons (logged out)? Can’t find any attribute in elements properties…
  2. Can I move Group Buttons (logged in) outside of Group Buttons (logged out) but keep them overlapping?

Sure thing! Here’s a screenshot of the editor that shows you how you can tell they’re nested:

To un-nest it, you can just drag the “logged in” group outside of the other. Then, position it using the arrow keys or by manually typing the X and Y coordinates in the element editor panel. That will make sure it occupies the same spot, but is not INSIDE the other group.

Oh, perfect. Now it is working like it should.
Thank you very much for your help!

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