I want Users to be able to choose how they see dates.
As an example I have set up an OPTION with 2 date formats:

Q: How can I call this when I use a Date (either in a Date Picker or a Text field that has date in it)?

Under ‘custom formatting’ for dates you don’t get ‘insert dynamic data’.

This would be sooo useful for users in different countries like USA v UK.


Have two different date pickers.

Have a hidden group called var - date picker of type date. When Date Picker A is visible, This Group’s date = Date Picker A’s value. When Date Picker B is visible, This Group’s date = Date Picker B’s value.

Show Date Picker A / B depending on the Dropdown’s input (or wherever you’re getting this from:

thanks that might well work. the user chooses his/her date format when they sign up so that could work throughout although I’ll have to query their selection each time I use a date somewhere I think.

cheers for the help

Just save it on the User data type and reference Current User’s Date Format, it won’t really use any WU unit :slight_smile:

i was thinking of passing a parameter at login (say 1 which is option dd/mm/yyyy) and referencing that as it’s not sensitive info being passed with the page URL…