Dynamically set custom date format

Hi Idea section!

We are working on our app and expect through the fullness of time for it to have users all over the world. Even when we launch we have members of the founders of the company in Europe and USA. In Europe dates are formatted dd/mm/yyyy and in USA m/d/yyyy. In the far east yyyy-mm-dd formats are often preferred, and we expect a significant userbase in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

At the moment the formatting available to me in date fields is not dynamic.

I can change the date format with conditionals based on the current user (maybe they have a preference setting of how to format dates), but when other conditional formats are needed, this can lead to complexity.

Having just built one of the data edit pages, where our users can decide in their profile whether they enter measurements in imperial or metric units (mm/inches), which was I’ll tell you a pain in the behind, I really want to be able to set date formats dynamically.

I’d love to be able to set the preferred date format in the Custom Format box of the date formatter as dynamic text, thereby allowing me to hold that in the database based on a user’s preference.