Give us back free membership deploying!

I run a small business for GTA 5 Roleplay by making CAD/MDTs. I just found out that I can’t deploy my stuff to LIVE anymore. This is 100% unacceptable by Bubble no matter what they say. If you want to disable things from Free membership, then keep the original things. Don’t just make it where people who don’t have money can’t have fun. Please fix this soon!!! You are the only site that lets us do this easily.

Nah. One of the reasons were probably to get rid of those doing what you’re exactly describing. Sketchy crap.

On top of that, there are other reasons being, bills need to be paid somehow and giving away stuff for free doesn’t help with that.

But Bubble is better. Thousands of us use this to expand our operations into not only gaming but learning how to make things.

Yes. You can still do that, just simply upgrade to a paid plan. The free plan and Hobby (legacy) is Bubble’s way of giving you a little taste of what the platform can do.

Most of us are kids or don’t have the ability to get a job. We can’t pay every month $100+ to have the ability to do things we love to do.