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[Giveaway] 3 Free Months of Bubble Pro

Hey everyone,

My name is Tara Reed. I’m a non-technical founder & I’ve been using Bubble for a while now.

Built our MVP with it, started bringing in revenue, got into 500 Startups accelerator, raised over $300,000 from investors & continue to build with Bubble!

Lately I’ve been helping non-technical folks launch their app ideas & as part of that, this week I’m giving away 3 Free Months of Bubble Pro (also giving away subscriptions to Zapier & Strikingly)

Checkout the giveaway & more about my Bubble startup journey here -->

-Tara Reed
CEO, Kollecto &


Thanks, @twr2105 Tara. Kollecto was the 1st real life startup based on Bubble that I read about. Your case convinced me that Bubble was not a toy, but a real alternative to coding.

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