Glitchy data in horizontal repeating group

I have a repeating group that has horizontal scrolling, the RG has 25 columns and so I use the horizontal scrollbar to navigate the RG. However, the RG seems to load a small subset of the data when the page is loaded. And so when I try scrolling horizontally, the RG doesn’t load the content.
I recorded my screen to show the issue. It looks like this.

When I check devtools I see that request is made using elastic search, and only then does the rest of the data seem available. This is a huge UX problem for us. Since the user will constantly be switching to the tables throught the day, and it becomes cumbersome to wait for the data to load.

Any ideas on what may be causing this?

Try to use “full list” as the repeating group type.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Trouble is I already am using a full list :frowning_face:

Hm, ok. Did you try the extended list? It should preload a couple of not yet visible records.

I don’t see an option for that but I’ve tried Full list, Ext. vertical scrolling, Fixed number of cells, but still no luck.

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