Repeating Group weird behavior

Hi everyone.

I have a repeating group that is usually showing around 10 items in the group. Starting yesterday, the RG doesnt load up all the line items, only some of them:

Now, once I scroll inside of the RG - all other elements are showing up immediately:

This doesn’t really work for me, because nothing indicates that there are more items. It also affects the “Download as CSV” feature I have, as it only downloads the visible line items, but not hidden ones.

In the inspect mode - I can still see all the 10 line items, although only 6 are visibly present.

This doesnt seem to happen when I change the Layout style from “Vertical Scrolling” to “Ext. Vertical scrolling”, but with External - the RG takes a couple of seconds to load, and while it’s loading - the UI looks ugly and broken showing only the border collapsed (tried to apply “when line items . count == 0” set invisible" but that didn’t work, since the app knows that the count is 10, and never sets the view to invisible.

I have a feeling that this started happening when I changed the source data from a “List of Texts” to a “List of Objects.text”, but I can’t confirm it since my structure already changed.

Does anyone have suggestions how to fix it?
Here is my RG setup:


Does anyone have any suggestions on how can I fix this issue?