Go to page -> scroll to element

This might be simple. My menu is buttons, and i want the workflow to "when button is clicked -> go to page -> scroll to element

But it seems that i can’t scroll to elements on other pages.

Any ideas for a solution?

Best regards!

I think go to page has to be the last item on a workflow. You can pass a parameter, to the page, and when the page is loaded with a set parameter, then scroll to element.

Hey potentialthings, i really appreciate the quick answer!

I made a parameter called c = gotokoncept

But how do i recall it on the new page?

What i did dosen’t seem to work, as stated below.

Get gotokoncept from website url is this url <–

Any suggestions on this? :slight_smile:

Changed it to the following:

This url contains gotokoncept

And it worked! :slight_smile:

Appreciated the help!

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Awesome! Glad it worked, sorry I didn’t respond sooner!

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