How to open a popup from a workflow in a different page

Hello everyone!

I am trying to open a popup from another page through a

  1. I am on page A
  2. Click button XXX
  3. Page index opens and Pop Up YYY opens

I am assuming I need a “Go to page index” action. But then? Or what settings are needed in this action?

Thanks a lot for help!


You’ll need to set some parameters, then use conditional workflows on pageload (based on those parameters) on the destination page to open the popup.

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Hi Paolo!

Check the option to “Send more parameters to the page” and create a parameter called “OpenPopup = YES”.

In you index page, create an “Page is loaded” event (workflow) to show the popup only when the parameter OpenPopup, in your URL, is Yes.


Thanks so much @rpetribu ! This was it!!

Same to @adamhholmes


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