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How to pass data from page to page then to popup then back to page?

Hi. So I’m stuck again at something.

I was able to solve my data sending from page to page earlier however now I’m stuck again.

Here’s the scenario:

I have a repeating group with data. Once I click the goto icon, it will redirect me to the page with the current cell data and display them. I was able to do this part.

The next part though is a little hard for me. What I want to do next is to have an “Edit” button wherein a popup shows up where the user can edit the data. I was able to pass the data from the page to the popup where the values are placed in input boxes. However, when I was trying to “Make changes to a thing”, it ends up not getting edited. Also, once this is working, I want to somehow close the popup, refresh the page and show the newly edited data.

Can anybody please give me some advise on this? Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


It’s possible that you’re not making changes to the correct thing. Could you share a public link to your editor so that we can get a better look?

Also, once the data changes have been made from the workflow, your page will reflect it, so there won’t be any need to refresh the page. You can close the popup by adding an element action to the workflow “Hide > select popup”

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