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Go to page > url with specific slug

Hey all,

I have a question about slugs and navigation. I set up a button which creates a thing with a slug, this thing is displayed on another page as text (with its own slug) and this is working perfectly.

now, I am wondering if its possible to set up the button in a way that when you click on it, it also navigates to the page WITH the specific slug I just created?

On the go to page function I don’t really seem to find a way to also include a slug in it dynamically
can someone advice how to set up something like this?

Please see my current workflow below

Assuming your workflow’s step 1 is creating the new thing, then you can just use The Result of step 1 as the data to send.

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oh… that was easy. thanks!

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Hi there, just a quick additional question. How exactly can I now navigate to a specific slug? When the ‘‘create slug button’’ is clicked I want users to be able to return to this page with this specific slug

Thanks in advance!

the slugs that are set are very specific (project’t title value) so there like a function which you can navigate to something like > ?

I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re asking…

To navigate to the page from within the workflow you just need to use ‘Go To Page’ then set the ‘data to send’ to be the ‘Thing’ in question.

Let me try to rephrase the question with a bit more infos

On the screenshot below I have an overview of collected data, with a button ‘‘Create’’ in the right corner. What this button does in the workflow is: it’s transfering the data to another page and creates a slug based on the project title. This results in a page which has an URL looking like:

WHY I want to the this slug to be created and in turn a getting a link with unique URL is to eventually be able to share the page link with this URL to an outside user (outside bubble) so they can in turn fill in some data I need (in this case a signature) For testing; I was able to open this page with URL in incognito mode via google chrome

Now I also want the app user to be able to return to this page with specific slug / URL some point later in time after the ouside user has filled in the required data. I would like to do this by having a button at the dashboard which will direct to this page with the specific URL / slug which was created earlier.

So bascially I just want to create a button which directs to a page with specific URL based on the current project name (only if this slug is created of course)

I don’t really understand the function of Data To Send in the Go To Page , as I don’t really want to send any data when pressed on the Go Back To Page Button, I just want to navigate to a page with specific slug / url.

Could you advice any workflow to achieve this result?

I hope I explained my question better, thanks a lot in advance!!

If I understand correctly, all you trying to do is create a new thing in your database, then navigate to a page which has that thing’s type as it’s content-type, with the specific ‘thing’ being the thing you just created.

In which case, the workflow process is what i already said:

  1. Create a new thing
  2. Go to page (that page must have the content type of the thing you’ve jus created)
  3. Data to send: The result of step one.

In order for you user to be able to navigate internally back to the same page, you’ll need to refer to the ‘Thing’ again when navigating to the page.

So depending on how your database is set up, you can do that however is appropriate (e.g. if your thing has a User field, and a User only has 1 Thing, then you can search for the Things for the current User, and send the first item).

Or, if you are connecting the thing directly to the User datatype (you don’t seem to be in your screenshot, but you might want to) then just use Current User’s Thing as the data to send.

Obviously if a User can have more than one of the Things in question then you’ll need to define it some other way before navigating to the page.

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Hi adam, thanks a lot for your support, you helped me a lot on the way and it seems to be working properly now!