Navigating to app slugs

I am currently working on an AI app that consists of a series of templates that assist with writing tasks.

An issue I am having is that I can not figure out how to navigate directly from one template to another. Say for example, I have a template that generates potential product names. I want the user to be able to select their preferred name and then click “next” to progress to a second app that will generate a product description based on that name; i.e., I want to build a workflow that involves the user copying the output of one template, clicking on a “Next” button that links to the next template, and pasting the content into that template (or better still, it being auto-populated).

Say, for example, I want to navigate to, how would I do that? I can see how to navigate to a page (including the template page… []) but not how to load the slug. This issue is related to the first, as I am hoping to lead the user through a series of processes that build a better output.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

I assume ‘template’ is a datatype in your app. yes?

In which case, just set the content type of the page to ‘template’.

Hi, sorry, I don’t quite understand. Yes, template is a datatype. I have about 60 different templates each of which has a different slug. The 60 templates appear as options on the Template page. If a user clicks on one of the templates (say slug-one), the url changes to templates/slug-one

I am attempting to add a navigation link from one template (say template/slug-one) to the next template in the process (say template/slug-two) via a button labelled “Next.” In the workflow, I select the button > click here to add action > navigation > Go to Page > Destination: Template. I can not see how I can navigate to a specific template according to the slug; i.e., template/slug-two

Thanks for any help you can give me.