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Page Slug / Custom URL Functionality

Hi guys,
I have followed all the instructions given here:

However, I am stuck here at this step (Step 3):

I can’t find “Input New Slug’s value”.
Instead, I entered “Current cell’s Slug” which it readily accepts and shows in the URL.
However, when you click on Button Go to Product (example), it just stays on the same page (product) instead of going to the specific product page (product/product-1).

What am I doing wrong? Please help…


What’s your workflow look like when you go to page, for example, product?

I have a page called ‘tutorials’ with an RG on it. And, when clicked on Button View Tutorial, it should go to that specific tutorial page (similar to the product page). I have added slugs tutorial-1 for the page tutorial-1 and so on.
Here are the screenshots of each of the steps I followed:


Do you have a link to your editor or a preview link?

However, I’m pretty sure the issue is here:

If you have already set a slug I’m not sure what you’re doing here. Technically, all you need to do is set the destination of your page to whatever you’d like it to be, and send the data of the Current Cell’s ___ to it. Make sure that the page you are going to be navigated to is setup correctly as well, make sure that there is a data type for the page.

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