Go to specific page based on unique code in text input


I am having difficulties sorting out this functionality in my app. Maybe someone can help me.

I want the first page of my app to be just a code entry page. In the text input, the user inserts a unique code. The valid codes are in a list in the database including a field for validity with a “yes/no” data type. When clicking the submit button the code should be checked and its status should be updated to “validity: no”.

Now comes the tricky part. The app has around 6-10 different pages. Each unique code should lead to one of those specific pages. The name of the page exists in the same row as each unique code in the database. I cannot find a way to set the “go to page” action so that it goes to a page based on the database entry row of the code entered in the text input field by the user.

Long story short: I want to create a mechanism that validates unique codes and sends the user to a specific page based on the code they entered.

Can someone help me with this?

You could just use conditional Go To Page actions - i.e. based on the ‘page’ field of the code entry.

If there are only 6-10 pages it would be quite reasonable.

Alternatively, open an external website (instead of using Got To Page), using the home URL followed by the page path (which presumably is the page name as stored on the Code datatype, and if it’s not then you’ll need to store that as well). That way you only need a single workflow action.