Help: Trying to create access code workflow

Hello everyone,

Chat GPT let me down, so I hope someone here can help me! :slight_smile:

I am trying to gate my app’s content by asking the users to enter a 5-digit code on my index page. One code is valid for one day, so the users are logged out at midnight that day. I have created a database with 50 dates (formatted as “text”: yyyy-mm-dd, because the date format didn’t work) and 50 codes (formatted as “text”) for each day. I have created an input box (named "CodeInput) and a Button called “Code überprüfen” (check code) below that. Afterwards I created a workflow for the Button to navigate to my home page with an “only when” condition that looks like this: Search for DailyCodes:first item’s Code is InputCode’s value and Search for DailyCodes:first item’s Datum is Current date/time:formatted as yyyy-mm-dd. However, when I enter the correct code of today, nothing happens after I click on the button…

Does anyone know what the problem could be here?

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What are the constraints on the Search for DailyCodes? Screenshots help alot.

Sounds like it has something to do with privacy rules. Do you have privacy rules setup with your DailyCodes?

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Hey William,
attached you’ll find the screenshots for the page (including the elements tree, the database in the bubble, and the workflow)

Thank you in advance!

No, the list is “publicly visable”.

Yea we need to know what are the constraints on the “Search for DailyCodes”.