I need help comparing input with database

how can i make it so that user input has to match a code from the database to be able to continue to the next page.

so i want the user to enter a code (that will be given to them privately) in the input field, then i want to check if this code is valid/is in the database, and if so i want them to be able to get to the next page.

how do i do that, i have tried to go to workflow>when button is clicked>only when input´s value is do a search for>type: logincode> code = input´s value.

but it doesnt work. it requires more in the “only when” field.

i hope you understood my description.

You can just put the condition on the workflow action…

i.e. when the button is clicked have an action to move them to the next step, only when the input value matches something in the database.

If it doesn’t, then you can have another action to let them know the code is invalid.