Going Live & Everyone Can Edit Mode (Easy Question)

Once you go live with a real website name, can you go back to “everyone can edit” mode? Or are you then in private mode and can never let anyone help you again without going to Professional mode?

I need to keep testing and not go 100% live but I don’t know if I can revert this as we’re still building.

Thanks all!

I’ve deployed my app and “everyone can edit” is still an option and I’m only on hobby. So, yes I think you can

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When you go live, you still having a dev version. Your edits still on dev version until you push for the update that sends the new changes to the live.

Your editor will stay as it is. If you don’t change your privacy rules, even if you are in live, your editor still the same.

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Did you use a custom domain?

Do you have a custom domain?

Yes, reduble.com

I have two follow up questions:

  1. See below. You see the “everyone can edit button”?

  1. Which plan are you on?

That option is for making your app public, so everyone can edit/see the content.
Everyone can view: public app, but people can’t edit it.

And Private app, only you can see the app, even if they have the link to your app only you can access it (or people under Collaboration).

Actually, Reduble is running in the Personal plan (it’s very optimized) and we only have the app (plugins / and other stuff are on other apps).

See attached. Why does it say this if I can do a custom domain and let everyone edit. It doesn’t make sense…

What does yours say here? Can you send me screenshot?

Because actually you have a public app and you can’t add a custom domain on the public app. So before going with the custom domain, you will need to change privacy to private.

That’s something you should do as the last step.
Because changing now will not benefit you in anything.

Yes, I understand that. That is my question.

In order to go to a custom domain — you have to go to Private. Then the custom domain works.

Here is my question: Once you are in a custom domain – Can you go to back to private app so people can have access OR are you stuck then in private mode??

Can you send me a screenshot in this area for you?

My issue is collaborators. How can you have another collaborates without paying $70/month?

When I change to Everyone can edit I also get the message of Custom domains.

But I believe that only means while you are in Public, you can’t change your Domain settings. But if you are running in a custom domain, you will stay in a custom domain while the app is public, but can’t change it.

Can we do a quick test? Can you send me a link to your Custom Domain in the bubble editor? You will have to make it Public. If I can see it, then it’s possible.

You can change it back to private as right after we test.

I can’t do that. I have privacy policies that I can’t break. There are customers and personal data on the website database. I can try it with another computer (without logging into the account) and tell you it works or no.

I totally understand. Yes, if you can do that it would be a huge help :slight_smile: Thanks!

Works :+1:

Thank you!

That’s interesting. It doesn’t make sense. If it makes you go to Private mode to make the custom domain… then why can you change it later?

Are you confused too?

It doesn’t make you go Private to make a custom domain, it makes you go private TO EDIT the settings inside the Domain / Mail tab.

(I suppose that may cause any issues if you edit something inside the Domain / Mail tab while you are on a public app)

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